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Safe Haven Marriage Challenge Invitation

Dr. Sharon May

You are invited to join the Safe Haven Marriage Challenge!

Each week for 7 weeks Safe Haven Relationship Center will reveal a new challenge on how to make your marriage the best it can be… a kinder more loving relationship… a safe haven marriage.

Just imagine…

What if you gave your all to your marriage for 7 weeks?

What kinds of changes could you begin to make in your marriage?

Imagine how your marriage could improve…

What if you and your spouse got along better?

Appreciated each other more?

Slowed down your arguments? And bounced back better?

What if this resulted in you and your spouse enjoying each other more and becoming emotionally connected?

Imagine no longer.

Join the marriage challenge and each week for 7 weeks...

Listen to the video

Read the summary

Share the exercise together

Wake up each morning choosing to love your spouse the best way you can!

And the best part is that the 7 week Safe Haven Marriage Challenge ... it's FREE!

We look forward to have you as part of the Safe Haven Community of couples fostering a happier marriage.

And don’t forget to invite other couples to join the Safe Haven Marriage Challenge! Sign up at the link below! See you soon!

P.S. Yes, we attempted to start this challenge last month, thank you for your patience. We are back on track, so stay tuned for the full challenge... the challenge aim is to help you discover a way to begin a new conversation with your spouse leading you to a better way of connecting. We look forward to having you be part of the challenge.

Sharon May

Alan Hart

Linda Stewart

and the Safe Haven Team

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