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The Safe Haven Relationship Center is a unique center dedicated to help individuals nurture and bring healing to their most significant relationships. The caring and professional staff of our center have the education and experience to help people flourish emotionally and relationally.

Dr. Sharon G. May, Ph.D

Areas of Specialty:  Couples, distressed marriages facing emotional disconnection, transitions, infidelity, betrayals, family crisis, high profile couples, executives, church leaders.  Dr May works in an intensive modality, where couples and leaders come for several hours at a time, or from 2 to 5 days.

Linda Stewart, MS MFT

Areas of Specialty:  Support and empowerment of women in any season of life: singles, moms, divorcing or divorced, widows, and women who are struggling with loss.

Alan Hart, M.S., M.A.T. 

Areas of Specialty:  Alan conducts marital, premarital and family intensives.  As well as intensives for individuals.  He focuses on relationship issues, life direction, marriage, parenting and growing as a person to foster a flourishing life. 

Sylvia Frejd, DMin

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