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Alan Hart, M.S., M.A.T. 

Director of Safe Haven Center

Areas of Specialty:  Alan conducts unique and life impacting marital, premarital intensive seminars. As well as personal growth intensives for individuals. He focuses on relationship issues, life direction, marriage, parenting and growing as a person to foster a flourishing life.

Rate: Email for intensive rates and dates

   Alan Hart, M.S., M.A.T., received his Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller School of Psychology. He has worked alongside Safe Haven and in the mental health field since 2011 working with couples, families, adults and teens.


   Alan has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and integrates current research on relational health, attachment, and what fosters a thriving life.  At Safe Haven Center, Alan conducts marriage intensive seminars for individuals, as well as intensives for pre-marital couples and families.  The intensive model for growth is powerful as the way he works and the extended time allows for much progress over the few days.  


   Alan believes we do best in life when we are emotionally healthy and have good relationships and community.   He aims to help people understand themselves so to better their relationships.  Alan works with relational issues, marriage, betrayal, parenting, anxiety, stress, grief, depression, and emerging adult issues.   


   At Safe Haven Center, Alan is Director of the Safe Haven Seminars and community building.   Alan guest lectures on Emotionally Focused Therapy, co-leads trainings and conducts the Safe Haven Seminars for couples.   He also blogs and provides practical yet informative videos to foster relational health in all areas of life.  


Alan’s wife is a psychiatric N.P., and together have 2 children, as a family they often can be found in the countryside or surfing at the beach. 

“Relational Health” is understanding yourself to better your relationships.

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