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We are glad you found your way to our website.  We are a unique relationship center offering 2 to 4 day intensives for couples in crisis, as well as individuals looking for personal growth.  We want to be a resource in each season of your life, so you can:  

   * heal your broken and disconnected marriage  

   * prepare for a great marriage

   * process life's struggles and discover the best version of you 

At the Safe Haven Relationship Center, it is our aim to give you hope and provide meaningful ways to help you grow as a person so you can love well in your marriage and family as well as live a good and purposeful life.


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Living and Loving Well
Hope for couples in crisis
Healing for broken relationships
Help for living a good life
NOW Offering online telehealth, virtual option, Zoom
Zoom Marriage Intensive
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What We Specialize In



Process struggles and renew the vision for your life, work and purpose

In person or virtual via Zoom



Restore your broken and disconnected marriage, learn to foster a safe haven marriage

In person or virtual via Zoom




You are better2gether

Learn how to be better together and foster a safe haven marriage  


Join our Safe Haven Couples Seminar via Zoom



For weekly support to process life's challenges and changes

In person or virtual

via Zoom



Intensives for those considering engagement or preparing for marriage

In person or virtual via Zoom

We know how painful a broken marriage in crisis can be.  

Our Safe Haven Marriage intensives offer hope and a way for you to begin a healing journey, heal hurts and foster a connected and healthy marriage.  

It is possible to restore a shattered marriage, no matter how broken and despaired.  

We are here to help, and will guide you through the process of scheduling an intensive.

Now Offering our Marriage Intensives virtual online via Zoom  

A Safe Haven Couples Intensive is a meaningful journey to help you love and live well - in your marriage and life.

"We were at the edge of divorce.  The intensive helped us heal the years of unresolved hurt and disconnection.  We now have peace in our home.  We are so grateful, the intensive not only saved our marriage but also kept our family together." 

- Intensive Couple Testimony

"We learned so much about how our dragons kept us fighting and hurting for so long.  We understand each other in a new way now. We can talk through our differences and stay connected.  We should have attended an intensive years ago."

- Intensive Couple Testimony

"We were deeply hurt and broken after the affair.  The intensive took us through a life changing healing process.  We grew so much as people and our marriage is better than we ever thought it could be. We highly recommend the Safe Haven Intensive."

- Intensive Couple Testimony

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