I am so glad you found your way to our website.  I am honored to be teaming with excellent counselors and life coaches to bring cutting-edge counseling and life coaching.  


At the Safe Haven Relationship Center, it is our aim to give you hope and provide meaningful ways to help you grow as a person, so you can love well and live a good and meaningful life.   We offer:

           * Safe Haven Marriage Intensives              

           * Life coaching and follow-up support for intensive attendees

           * Traditional weekly counseling sessions             

           * Becoming Real Leadership Intensives for Individuals  

           * Life Coaching, Seminars, Training  


We hope to be a source of encouragement and information in each season of your life.


Let us know how we can be of service to you.  I look forward to meeting you at one of our intensives or seminars. 



Dr. Sharon May

Founder and President


Watch Dr. Sharon May speak at Daybreak Church in Carlsbad,CA

Watch Dr. May on Dr. Daniel Amen's Show

Our Vision


The Safe Haven Relationship Center is a unique cutting edge counseling center located in the beautiful Bressi Ranch of Carlsbad, California.  Our team of leading therapists, interns and life coaches offer caring and effective counseling for couples, families, individuals and leaders.  


Our vision is to be a cutting-edge yet down-to-earth relationship center offering innovative intensives, weekly counseling, life coaching and seminars so to help individuals, couples, families and leaders heal, grow and live a good and meaningful life.  Dr Sharon May also trains counselors who want to become really good couples therapists.


Our hope is to be there for you when life hurts, you feel lost, marriage is painful, parenting is difficult, work is stressful or when you face a loss or transition, stressed or depressed and you want to not just 'get through' the rough season, but to come out the other side a better person, stronger and thriving in life.  Whatever you are facing today, we want to give you hope and be there to help get you through so you can live the full abundant life God intended for you.  

Because we care about you, what you are going through,

and who you are becoming.

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