Life is all about Relationships!

"I pray that Christ will live in your hearts by faith and that your life 

will be strong in love and built on love."

Ephesians 3:17





I hope you are well. You are receiving this email because somehow, at sometime you were introduced to Safe Haven Relationship Center, or to me, Dr. Sharon May. I wanted to reach out to you as I and The Safe Haven Team would like to be a resource and encourager for you ... specifically to help you grow as a person so you can love well in your most important relationships, live a good life, and be a positive influence at home and at work. 


We understand if you are too busy and choose to opt out, but we invite you to join our community of individuals, spouses, parents and leaders who are coming together to learn and be encouraged ... while having fun doing it.   


We will share relationship tips ... to help you grow in all your most important relationships. Tips for your marriage, extended family, children, friendships, work, and leadership.  We will share cutting edge research, neurobiology and science of love and life based on Emotionally Focused Therapy including practical steps, and real life stories. 


Spring is in the air, and here at Safe Haven Center, we are entering a new season. 

We are keeping what really works and adding what we hope will be meaningful ways to encourage you in life and your relationships.  


Our Safe Haven Marriage Intensives are still going strong, with more couples than ever being impacted over the 2 to 4 day experience.  I can't believe we have had more than 750 couples go through our intensive program and thousands of couples impacted by Safe Haven Ministry. 


In this new season we are adding a new Life Coaching Workshop to help the couples who go through our intensives stay connected.  We are also launching our Pre-Marital Intensives as well as Leadership Intensives. 


We will be starting a blog, video blog, and offer webinars and tele-workshops on love, life and leadership so we can all be most effective at home, in your friendships and in the workplace. 


What else is new? We are excited to introduce Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd to our Safe Haven Team. Sylvia was the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Digital Wellness at Liberty University. Yes, you might have seen her on Fox News or read about her work in the New York Times. She brings her coaching expertise in relationship health, digital wellness and emotional intelligence in the workplace as well as her creativity and leadership to Safe Haven Relationship Center. 


As many of you already know, our vision is to help people grow ... and specifically to help you grow, so you can be all God has for you to be, so you can love well, have a good life, and then lead and impact those around you. 


It is our hope you will find us as a resource, as well as a community of fellow travelers supporting one another as we journey through life the best way we can.   


* * *



Life is all about relationships!

Psychology and neuroscience confirm what the Bible has been saying throughout the ages: relationships are of vital importance to our well-being. They show us that the key to health and happiness in our relationships, whether it be with God, our children, friends, or spouse, is our ability to stay emotionally connected despite our differences, disappointments, frustrations, and the arguments that follow.


To grow your marriage, and your relationships, you will need to take notice of your moment-by-moment interactions with each other. You will need the courage to invest time and energy into your own personal growth as well as change how you talk, relate, and react to each other. Nurturing these relationships is a daily, continuous challenge, but the result is a continuous blessing.


5 Ways to Nurture Your Relationships

1. Pay attention to those you love.

2. Have courage to grow as a person.

3. Admit when you are wrong and forgive others freely.

4. Be consistent with your love.

5. Laugh together and laugh often.



On your journey to loving and living well we here at Safe Haven Relationship Center desire to help you grow and become all God has for you to be, so you can live out God’s greatest command: to love well. 


Growing together,


The Safe Haven Team

Dr. Sharon May

Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd

Linda Stewart


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