Sharon G. May, Ph.D.

Founder and President of Safe Haven Relationship Counseling Center

Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor MFC #39408




Rate:  $220

Insurance:  No, we are out of network for all insurance companies.  Dr May will provide a super-bill you can submit to your insurance company.



Areas of Specialty: 

 Couples, distressed marriages facing emotional disconnection, affairs, betrayal, infidelity, or sex addiction, families, high profile couples, executives, church leaders.  Dr May works in an intensive modality, where couples and leaders come for several hours at a time, or for 2 to 3 days.  


I have a passion for helping people grow so they can become all God has for them to be and so thrive in life and relationships.  I find it a privilege to connect with my clients for a season of their life journey as they move towards hope, healing and personal growth.  I am always aware that I am on holy ground, being part of what God is doing within my client.  My work focuses on helping people work through very painful struggles as they become aware of their vulnerabilities and deeper side so they can have a new experience of themselves fostering new ways of relating, loving and living.  I developed the Safe Haven intensive model for couples and individuals because people and couples can make great strides in only a few days, traditionally taking 6 months of counseling to achieve.  My father, Archibald Hart, is known as the psychologist for pastors, and after teaming with him for many years, I have continued the ministry of helping pastors and leaders.  And because couples counseling is hard work and even harder to find a good couples counselor, I have a heart for training couples counselors in EFT and the Safe Haven model.  


The counseling center has been a long awaited dream coming out of much prayer and I am honored to be teaming with such excellent counselors to bring Christian counseling to our community.  I hope people come for counseling but stay to be part of seminars and growth groups to be encouraged and supported through all the seasons of their life.




Dr. Sharon May is the Founder and President of Safe Haven Relationship Counseling Center. She received a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Master’s degree in Theology from Fuller Graduate School of Theology, and is a certified EFT therapist and supervisor.  Her dissertation and consequent research work has focused on EFT, attachment theory and the importance of healthy and strong marriage and family relationships being ‘safe havens’.   Over the years Dr May has been featured on radio programs, such as "Arguing with Dr Sharon," and Focus on the Family and television, such as Life Today. Dr. May has published numerous articles in psychological journals, contributed chapters in marriage and family books.  Her two books are titled: Safe Haven Marriage and How to argue so your spouse will listen (Thomas Nelson Publisher).  She has been the managing editor for EWomen magazine, on the board for African Enterprise, Hart Institute and AACC Marriage and Family and adjunct professor at Azusa Pacific University.  She has travelled world-wide to speak at conferences and train counselors and is well-known for her work with couples. Raised in South Africa, her accent and sense of humor make her an engaging speaker.  She shares life and work with her husband, Mike, who has also provided the counseling center facility in Carlsbad.