grow2gether Safe Haven Marriage Seminar


The Safe Haven Marriage Seminar is a meaningful and very informative way for couples to walk through the Safe Haven model, understand how they love and argue  and begin healing the accumulated hurts.  


On the first day, a couple will chart out their argument cycle, identify their dragons and amygdala hijacking that fuels their argument (you’ll just have to attend to understand what that all means), and understand how the way they react keeps their negative argument cycle in motion.  The second day is understanding how to change your negative argument pattern, talk about your softer side and share your emotional needs so your spouse can not only hear you but understand and move toward you in a caring manner.  


After attending the Safe Haven Seminar, you can sign up for the podcasts, zoom seminars and other fun and meaningful ways to continue to grow your ‘Safe Haven Marriage.’



When:  Friday 5:30 to 9pm or Saturday 9am to 4pm and Sunday 9 am to 4pm  

Format:  Teaching, time for couples to process and personalize the material, as well as group interaction

Taught by:  Alan Hart, Sharon May and the Safe Haven Team

Location:  Safe Haven Relationship Center, 2888 Loker Avenue East, Suite 102, Carlsbad, Ca 92002

How to Register:  Email grow@havenofsafety or call 626-614-4555