Safe Haven Becoming Real Leadership Intensive



A personal growth intensive for leaders and individuals.


We are very excited about launching this new and very powerful intensive for individuals who desire to ‘become’ all God has for them to be.  It is a time to not only grow you, but to grow your soul.  The intensive format allows for much personal and spiritual growth over just a few days.  The group format makes time for lectures, spiritual renewal as well as in-depth processing groups so the material can be personalized and become deeply relevant. 


Get to the heart of your dragons, jump-start healing, increase your emotional intelligence, increase emotional intelligence in the workplace, understand what keeps you stuck and what will move you to the next level within your self, your relationships and professional life.  It looks at key areas of your life to help you heal, grow, overcome burn-out, transition well, deal better with stressful situations and difficult people, overcome obstacles and live a more full and abundant life.


It is for anyone who desires the time, space and direction to go to the next level, to reach beyond where they are to what God has for them.


1.  Understand yourself and your relationships in a deeper more real way – be honest with who you are, your fears, struggles as well as unproductive and unhealthy ways you react, cope and deal with life, people and work.


2.  Work through issues and struggles that cause you to repeat patterns and keep you stuck and affect your work, personal life and spiritual growth


3.  Grow your ‘character,’ reach for what God has for you and become all God calls you to be


4.  Learn a model for understanding who you are, why you do what you do and how to begin changing inner patterns that can create a new, more robust, Christ-centered life


5.  Be challenged to integrate who you are, (your character) with what you know (faith and beliefs), what you do (your family, work, career) and how you do it (how you relate and live out life)


6.  A time to pause and review, re-assess, refocus, be renewed, and refreshed.  It is a time to step away from tasks and responsibilities, and to give God a chance to speak to your soul.  


7.  This is for anyone who wants to grow as a person and a leader, to grow personally, spiritually and professionally, to be more centered within themselves, be more effective at home, work and interpersonally with others.

When:  email for dates


Format:  Private intensive

Light breakfast, snacks and lunch provided and dinner on your own


Cost:  Please email or call for prices and available scholarships


Taught By:  Safe Haven Leadership Team and Dr. Sharon May  will teach various sessions.

Location:  Carlsbad, CA and Knoxville, TN


How to Register:  Email registration form, or call our office.