During The Group Intensive You Will...

1. Recognize your argument cycle and how it keeps you emotionally disconnected

2. Understand the hurts and wounds that have built up over the years

3. Learn how to talk from your hearts about your fears, hurts, needs & emotions

4. Begin a journey of healing hurts

5. Begin to see each other differently as you build understanding and acceptance

6. Learn new ways to argue, talk, connect and relate to one another

7. Learn to grow and foster a safe haven

8. Talk about and resolve the ‘hot topics’

Safe Haven Couples Group Intensive



2-days with 2 therapists and 3 to 8 couples


THE SAFE HAVEN COUPLES GROUP INTENSIVES are a chance for couples to understand their marital distress, heal hurts and begin a journey to once again experience each other as a safe haven. The 'group dynamic' offers an experience that is powerful and meaningful. The group often bonds and become a support to one another. The group intensive gives couples the much needed ‘jump-start’ to change negative ways of relating and foster an emotionally connected marriage. The intensive model is powerful as couples are able to focus on their marriage for several days and gain understanding that often takes months of counseling.  The group intensive is a powerful way of healing and growing your marriage relationship.  


    The Safe Haven Marriage Intensive is very different to other kinds of couples therapy and retreats. That is because of the well known marital model the intensive is based upon, the incredible impact of the group experience as well as focusing for several days in a row has on a marriage.


    To attend the intensive, you would fly into San Diego, California Airport and drive to Carlsbad, in north San Diego County, where our intensive office is located. There are numerous local hotels to stay, even a few on the beach.  The group meets each day from 9:30am to 4pm with a lunch break. Continental breakfast and snacks are provided, but meals and lodging are not included.  


    The Safe Haven Marriage Group Intensive is based on the most well-researched and highly successful marital model of today, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). The model shows a 75% rate of total change and 90% rate of significant change.  The Safe Haven Relationship model integrates Emotionally Focused Therapy with Christian principles, attachment theory and neurobiology of arguing (with real life application and much humor), making the experience meaningful and marriage-changing.


If you are in a difficult season in your marriage, we would like to be part of your healing and growing your marriage relationship. No matter if your marriage only needs a tune-up or is filled with hurts or betrayals, we would like to help you foster a ‘safe haven marriage.’ We would like to offer you hope. 


Call or email us and we will provide further information such as pricing and available dates.  As many couples call in crisis, we will do our best to get you in as soon as we can. We will do all we can to help make the scheduling of an intensive as smooth as possible.