Counseling, Intensives, Seminars

Our aim is to help people like you grow as a person, heal hurts, get unstuck, so you can flourish, live a meaningful life and love well in your most significant relationships.

We offer our clients ongoing ways to stay connected, be supported and grow.


At Safe Haven Relationship Counseling Center, we believe we grow best when supported by someone who cares, and we continue to grow when in a meaningful community of significant others.


When you come for weekly counseling, or an intensive, we hope you will stay and join a support group or seminar so to be encouraged and supported by others in your journey through life.   


Each week we offer helpful blogs, podcasts, webinars and on-going opportunities to learn, be encouraged and challenged in a specific area such as marriage, parenting, leadership, growing character, managing stress of life, etc.  


We grow in supportive and caring communities.

Weekly Counseling Sessions


After selecting a therapist, you can schedule an introductory phone call to ask questions and get a general feel for how your therapist works.  During your first session, you and your therapist will set goals for your therapy sessions, as well as frequency of sessions and review progress markers along the way.  Your therapist will also recommend other ways to grow, such as books to read, seminars and groups to attend.  Our therapists are well trained and each has an area of specialty.  





MARRIAGE:  Pre-marital counseling, newly-wed adjustment, new parent adjustment, marital conflict, infidelity, recovery after affair, sex addiction, years of emotional disconnection.


FAMILY: parenting, adjusting to ever changing seasons of family life, healing from miscarriage, infertility, taking care of aging parents, transitioning to empty nesters, when one spouse is handicapped, job loss



Stress, Depression and Anxiety


Healing childhood wounds

Discovering who you are and what you want to do

Issues unique to women

Issues unique to men

Personal life of the pastor and ministry leader

Building a leadership team and dealing with difficult team members